Tuition Rates

2021-22 School Year

Grade 1st Child 2nd Child 3rd Child Registration
Pre-K $1959 $1959 $1959 $75 per Child
K $4239 $2959 $1689 $200 per Child
1-6 $4569 $3189 $1819 $200 per Child
7-12 $4779 $3339 $1909 $200 per Child

These rates may change at the discretion of the school administration.

A registration fee is charged each year for each student.  For returning students, registration is due by July 20th.

For the 4th (or more) child(ren), there is registration only – no tuition is charged.

Tuition may be paid annually in advance for a 2% discount, semi-annually for a 1% discount, or in 10 monthly installments beginning in August, for which there is no discount.  We do not charge interest or carrying charges for monthly installments.

Monthly tuition payments are due on the 20th, and are paying for the following month’s tuition.  For example, September’s tuition is due on August 20th.

Other costs during the year may include field trip expenses and purchasing lunches, yearbooks or review books (high school only).

Late Tuition Payments

In order to maintain the school’s solvency, and in fairness to those who pay their bills faithfully every month, we cannot tolerate late tuition payments.

  1. If a payment is 10 days overdue, a note will be sent home notifying the parent.
  2. If a payment goes to 30 days overdue, the student or students will be suspended until the account is paid up.
  3. If an account is repeatedly more than 10 days over due, the student(s) may be suspended after any payment is only 10 days overdue, and until the account is paid up.
  4. Exceptions to 2 & 3 may be made at the Principal’s discretion, if prior arrangements have been made.  However, it is the responsibility of the parents to contact the school to discuss those arrangements.


Registration fees are not refundable. If a child does not complete the school year at FLCS, tuition refunds, if due, will be made as follows:

  • Student leaves on or before the 15th of the month, we will refund of ½ month’s tuition.
  • After the 15th of the month, no refund for that month will be made.
  • If tuition has been paid in advance, the unused amount will be refunded.

All books except student-purchased high school review books are the property of Finger Lakes Christian School. They, and any other FLCS property, must be returned to the office in good condition before any tuition refunds are paid.