Mission and Doctrinal Statements

Mission Statement

Finger Lakes Christian School exists for two reasons: to train children from Christian families in the orthodox, fundamental precepts and lifestyle of the Christian faith and to provide those children with a solid, traditional-classroom education.  Our goal is to prepare our students spiritually and academically to lead fulfilling, productive lives in God’s kingdom and in society.

Doctrinal Statement

Because FLCS was created to serve Christian families, it’s necessary to define what a Christian is for the purposes of enrollment and employment.  The following statement of doctrines by no means covers the full range of Christian beliefs, but is what we consider to be the essential, non-negotiable truths of the faith.  In order for students to enroll and remain at FLCS they and their parents must agree with these doctrines.  Those holding beliefs contrary to or excluding any of the eight points below should not apply to FLCS, and the same is grounds for removal.  The same criteria apply to employees and volunteers.

1.  The Bible is the inspired Word of God, perfect in its original writings.  It is wholly sufficient for instructing us in the doctrines of the Christian faith and is completely true in all its pronouncements.  Therefore, anything that purports to be true but contradicts the Bible is, by definition, false.  That includes teachings, doctrines and church traditions that are in conflict with the Scriptures.

2.  There is only one God, and He is a Trinity of three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  He has existed and will exist forever.  There are no other gods besides Him, including on other planets or in other universes.  He alone is God.

3.  Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, is fully God, equal in divinity to the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He is not a created being, but has existed eternally.

4.  Death entered the world through the sin of the first man, Adam.  With the exception of Jesus Christ that sin nature has been inherited thereafter by every person ever born.  Therefore…

5.  …every person is a sinner in need of salvation.

6.  God has provided for mankind the only means of salvation: faith in Jesus Christ.

7.  Jesus came to earth and took on the form of a man, having real flesh and blood.  He lived a sinless life and died on the cross, a substitutionary death for our sins.  He was physically resurrected from the grave and ascended physically into heaven.

8.  Those who accept Jesus as their only means of salvation will, upon their death, go immediately into his presence and spend eternity with him in heaven.  Those who reject Him will go to hell when they die, and eventually spend eternity in the lake of burning fire.

Further criteria for enrollment or employment can be found in the Student Application and the Staff Application.

Because Finger Lakes Christian School is a church ministry we teach Biblical doctrine from the Calvary Chapel perspective.  We understand, however, that we serve children from many different churches and, therefore, don’t insist on agreement in other areas of doctrine that are not essential to salvation.  Examples might be the questions of eternal security, election vs. free will and the nature of the Rapture – just to name a few.  These are important doctrinal issues over which true Christians have very real differences, but which do not compromise their faith.  When these disputable matters come up they will be taught from the Calvary Chapel perspective, but students will be advised to get counsel from their parents and pastors.

This much we pledge: to keep Jesus Christ and the Bible front and center in everything we do in your child’s education.