Home School Students

FLCS exists to serve Christian families, including home schoolers.  We are here if you’d like to round out your child’s educational experience with gym, art or music classes (Pre-k through 12th grade), if you need help in certain subject areas like math, science or a foreign language (7th-12th), or if you’d like your children to participate in a competitive sports league (7th-12th).

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Enrollment Criteria

The enrollment criteria for classes, sports or other extra-curricular are the same as for full-time FLCS students.

Children in any grade level K-12 may sign up for classes in gym, art or music.  Children 12 yrs. and up may also elect to take any of our classroom offerings and participate in our interscholastic sports league in soccer, basketball  and volleyball.

The minimum enrollment period for a class, standard or elective, is one semester (½ year).  Students may enter the program only at the beginning of semesters, which fall in September and around the end of January.

Students and parents must abide by the Parent and Student Agreements and the FLCS Handbook, including the dress code.


Students will be tested prior to academic enrollment to determine proper placement.  Placement is made according to academic ability, not age.


Students 12-yrs.-old and up are eligible to participate in our sports program.  We field separate boys and girls teams for soccer, basketball and volleyball.  We belong to the Empire State Christian Athletic League (ESCAL), which includes teams from Christian schools and home school groups.  There is no fee for participating in sports, but athletes must buy their own uniforms and personal equipment (shin guards, athletic shoes, etc.).

To apply for the sports program only, fill out this form.


Tuition is paid in advance, a semester at a time, and is non-refundable.  The cost depends on the number of periods/week – gym, for example, is two periods per week and costs commensurately less than geometry or English, which are five periods per week.  Please call the school for rates.

A non-refundable registration fee of $25 is charged for each academic class, $10 for non-academics: physical education, music, art and home economics.

Students must purchase text books, as needed.  If you wish not to keep text books after the class is finished, FLCS will try to find a buyer for you.


Students must arrive no more than 15 minutes before their class begins and leave within 15 minutes of the end of class.  Students may not “hang out” at the school during non-class times, unless they are taking multiple classes that are separated by free time.  Students who are unable to arrive in time for class and leave when class is over may be asked to withdraw from the program to minimize the disruption to the rest of the students.

Part-time students do not graduate from or earn a diploma from FLCS.

Home school students do not receive busing.