Our daughter has been a student of Finger Lakes Christian School for six years.  We are very pleased with the education she has received.  Not only does the school enable her to excel academically, but she is being taught God's Word by teachers and staff that have similar beliefs and values as our own.  FLCS has consistently brought out the best in her.       --Parent of a 4th grader
Three years ago my youngest son played basketball for FLCS as a homeschooler.  Throughout the season, I was introduced to the amazing coach, kids, staff, and academics at FLCS. It turned my head because, as a homeschooler, my standards were high for a Christian academic environment where God was honored, teachers respected, and fellow students contributed to the well-being of the school.  Since then, I have found that and more at FLCS.  On an academic level, every teacher and staff member has "moved mountains" to enable my children  to be successful.  The students have ALWAYS been respectful to me and I observe it with other adults at school, as well.  It is a privilege to be a part of what God is accomplishing.       --  Parent of a Sophomore and Senior
I believe that FLCS shaped me into the man I am today. I can’t say enough about the benefits that such a biblical atmosphere had on me for eight years.  After experiencing four years at a secular college I look back at my time with FLCS, having only positive memories.  To have the opportunity of being fed by the Word almost every day was something I took for granted.  I now look back on my experiences, and I am extremely thankful to be part of such a wonderful school for such a long time.       -- 2012 graduate, studying engineering
Having graduated from Finger Lakes Christian School after attending for 10 years, I can without a doubt say that my faith and walk with Jesus Christ wouldn't be where they are today without the years I spent there.  It shaped me into the man I am today and allowed me to build my foundation on rock rather than sand.       -- 2015 graduate, studying forestry
Both of our children graduated from FLCS and went on to colleges of their choice.  What a blessing to know that they were being prepared – academically and spiritually – to survive in a secular and sometimes hostile world.       -- Parent of 2 graduates
FLCS is helping our daughter develop a sincere heart for God!       --Mother of a 7th grader