Meet the Staff

Jennifer Burns
Vice Principal

Mrs. Burns began at FLCS in 1996 teaching Kindergarten and first and second grades, then moved to secondary education.  She has taught classes in every subject area, but her specialty is mathematics. Since 2011 she has served as the school’s Vice-Principal and Guidance Counselor.

Jill Goodman
Office Manager

Mrs. Goodman graduated from Waterloo High School in 1997 and received her Associates in accounting from Community College of the Finger Lakes in 1984.  She gained extensive accounting experience with several local businesses before joining FLCS as our office manager in August 2015.

Jess Adler

Mrs. Adler graduated in 2012 from Cedarville University with a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education.  She was hired as an assistant teacher in a transitional Kindergarten classroom at Emmanuel Christian Academy in Springfield, Ohio.  A year later she and her husband moved to Waterloo, NY, where she starting subbing in local schools, including FLCS.  In early 2014 she took a full-time position at FLCS as an aide for a student with special needs.  In the late spring of 2015, Jessica and her husband were blessed with their first baby boy.  Because of this life change, the opportunity to work part-time in the Pre-school classroom was a tremendous blessing for their family.  Mrs. Adler loves the Lord and thanks Him for the gifts and abilities that He has given her to teach.  She is so thankful for the opportunity to show Christ’s love to each one of her students.

Diana Massey
qst and 2nd Grades Homeroom Teacher

Mrs. Massey studied Early Childhood Education at Cayuga Community College.  She taught Pre-school for ten years and also worked with special needs children for six years.  After having her second child she decided to stay home  and run an in-home daycare, which she did for four years.  Since coming to FLCS in 2009 she has taught first and/or second grades. She has three children attending the school.  Mrs. Massey enjoys teaching the children each day and helping them grow closer to the Lord.

Becky Pine
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Pine joined the FLCS staff in 2016 as a student aide. She has a Bachelors degree in Psychology/Christian Counseling from Liberty University. Prior to working at FLCS she home schooled her four daughters.  She is also a Pastor’s wife who loves the Lord and has a passion for reaching others with the love of Christ.

Felicia Leary
Resource Room Teacher

Prior to joining FLCS Mrs. Leary worked in the education field at the kindergarten level and with children with special needs up to sixth grade. She then decided to stay home with her children before enrolling them in FLCS. She joined our staff in 2013 and has taught various combinations of second through fifth grades. She has always had a passion for young kids and loves teaching them about the Lord.

Lindsay Schell
High school Science and Spanish

(Bio Needed).

Amy Park
Math and Physics

Mrs. Park has had a lifelong love of learning and teaching.  She studied for her undergraduate degree in Math & Secondary Education at Messiah & Cedar Crest Colleges.  After working in the Union Springs School District in a variety of long-term substitute math positions in grades 7-12, she earned her Masters Degree in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Scranton.  Through a series of personal and professional events that only He could put together, God led Mrs. Park to FLCS as the high school math and physics teacher in 2011.

Garrett Searing

Mr. Searing graduated from Auburn High School, then attended Cayuga Community College before transferring to Houghton College, where he received his Bachelor’s in Elementary Education in 2003. His Masters in Elementary Mathematics followed from Walden University in 2010.  Since 2007 Mr. Searing has taught our combined fifth and sixth grades, until becoming a dedicated math teacher in 2016.