Weekly Memos

Memo #25

Dear FLCS family,

Gym   Please have your 3rd-12th grade students wear long sleeves for gym (or bring something to change into) until volleyball instruction is completed.

9th-12th Grades Boston Trip   The final cost will be $275 (plus some meals). Final payment is due Monday, April 1st.  If you have any questions about what you owe please contact the office.  Reminder: the dates are Thursday, April 25th through Sunday, April 28th.

FREE Movie!  “Play the Flute,” a movie by Christian producers, will be playing at the Auburn Mall theater at 1:30 this Sunday. Our church will pay for anyone’s ticket who asks ahead of time. Just respond to this email or call me (Pastor Scott). The essential message is that today we are immersed in “a Greek society,” where Biblical ideas and attitudes are now “foreign.” Excellent for equipping Christians, but also for evangelizing the lost, so bring a friend! We’ll pay their way, too!

Serve-A-Thon packets, with letters, fliers and instructions, were sent home with your oldest student this afternoon. Please open them right away – the mailers are due back on Thursday, the 14th. That’s less than two weeks away!

Talent Show Tryouts are next Thursday, the 7th. See last week’s memo for details.

The Talent Show and Bake Sale is just two weeks away, on Thursday evening, the 14th. Please invite your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors…you get the idea. It’s a fun night, a fund-raiser (the bake sale) and the Serve-A-Thon kickoff. If you can donate home-made or store-bought baked goods to sell that night, please contact the school.

Parent/Teacher conferences are Friday, March 15th. No school that day. This is a non-mandatory conference day. If you feel you need to meet with your child’s teacher(s), give us a call. If a teacher feels a need to meet with you they will contact you.

The Boys Basketball Team won their first round game at the NCSAA Championships yesterday, and play again today at 4:30. You can watch the game live at:

God bless,
Pastor Scott

Important Dates
3/7         Serve-a-Thon Talent Show tryouts
3/14       Serve-a-Thon Talent Show and Bake Sale
3/14       Families turn in Serve-a-Thon mailers
3/15       Teacher Workshop – no school
3/15       Parent-teacher conferences

March Bus Schedules
Even though schedules vary this month district-to-district, at this point we are promised bussing every day. I’ll let you know if that changes.

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