Weekly Memos

Memo #28

Dear FLCS family,

6th-12th grade field trip  Next Friday, the 22nd, we’ll be touring the facilities of Lamplighter Publishing in Mt. Morris. All students in these grades have been given permission slips, which should be returned, with $1, this Monday, the 18th. Everyone needs to bring a bag lunch – we won’t be stopping for food. In 1994 Lamplighter began re-publishing out-of-print classic books, and is now up to 190 titles. These books are infused with biblical insights and heroic, godly role models to be emulated by young and old.

The All-League basketball game is tomorrow, the 16th, at Davis College in Binghamton.  The girls game starts at Noon, the boys at 2:00. There will be a small entrance fee. Congratulations to all our players who were selected for all-league: Lissah Waterman, Sydney Johnson, Phil McDonald, Noah Waterman, Paul McDonald, Dave Winters and James McDonald.

3-8 tests begin next month. There is no opting out. All grade-appropriate students will be participating except those with an IEP that specifically exempts them.

God bless,
Pastor Scott

Important Dates
4/1         Final payment due for Boston trip

March Bus Schedules
No changes

Volleyball Games
3/19       Tue        4:30       Away     Baldwinsville
3/21       Thu        5:00       Home     Syracuse
3/26       Tue        5:30       Away     Corning – Boys only
3/28       Thu        5:00       Away     Oswego
3/29       Fri          4:00       Away     North Rome – Girls only
4/2         Thu        4:30       Away     Cortland
4/4         Thu        2:30       Away     Syracuse
4/5         Fri          4:30       Home     Central Baptist
4/9         Tue        5:00       Home     Oswego
4/11       Thu        4:30       Home Corning
4/30       Tue        4:30       Home     Baldwinsville – Senior night

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