Weekly Memos

Memo #14

Dear FLCS family,

Report Cards were handed out on Tuesday, except Kindergarten, which were sent home yesterday.

Our Christmas Concert is Friday, December 14th at 6:30. Students who will be on stage must wear “dress-up” clothing. I’m not expecting suits and gowns, but no athletic shoes, sweats, t-shirts, etc.

Christmas Break is December 21st – January 1st. We return to school on Wednesday, January 2nd.

The Hot Lunch Menu for December is printed below.

More basketball!  If you just like watching basketball, not necessarily FLCS games, you’ll be interested to know that Tyburn Academy will be using our gym for their home games this year. Besides two games against us (listed below) they will play on 11/30, 12/7 & 15, 1/10 & 2/2. If you want more details please call the office.


God bless,

Pastor Scott


Important Dates

12/14           Christmas concert
12/21-1/1     Christmas vacation
1/2               Return to school

Bus Schedules

Auburn          1/2             No bus

Clyde-Sav.    1/2 – 1/4    No school but will provide us with busing

Port Byron     Same schedule as us

Romulus        1/2 – 1/4    No bus

Seneca Falls 1/2 – 1/4    No bus

Union Spr.     Same schedule as us

Waterloo       1/2 – 1/4    No bus


Basketball Games

11/30     Fri      5:00      Away      N. Spencer

12/4     Tue      5:30      Away      Oswego         Boys only

12/13   Thu      4:00      Away      Tyburn

12/18    Tue      3:30      Home     Valley Hts

12/20   Thu      5:00      Home     New Life        Boys only

1/4         Fri      5:30      Away      Syracuse

1/8       Tue      4:30      Away      Bville

1/10     Thu      4:00      Away      Corning

1/11       Fri      5:00      Away      Valley Hts

1/18       Fri      6:00      Home     Oswego         Boys only

1/22     Tue      5:30      Home     Syracuse

1/25       Fri      4:00      Home     Tyburn

1/29     Tue      4:00      Home     Corning

2/1         Fri      5:00      Home     N. Spencer

2/4       Mon      5:00      Home     Bville

2/8         Fri      7:15      Away      Rochester      Boys only

2/11 or 12                     TBD        Playoffs

2/15       Fri                   TBD        Championship          Championship

2/16      Sat                   TBD        ESCAL All-Star Game         N/A

2/28     Thu                   TBD        NCSAA Tournament NCSAA Tournament

3/1         Fri                   TBD        NCSAA Tournament NCSAA Tournament

3/2        Sat                   TBD        NCSAA Tournament NCSAA Tournament



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